“Don’t eat this, don’t eat that.” This seems to be the most popular way to give diet advice. But, why not
turn this around and give advice by suggesting “Eat this, eat that, and here’s why.” It’s time to focus on
what foods are best to eat to achieve an overall healthy diet that can help keep your heart healthy and
your cholesterol levels in check.
Is there a nutrient you might not be eating of that can help lower cholesterol and even help you
lose weight? Yes – fiber! In the recent scientific report for the 2015‐2020 Dietary Guidelines, fiber was
listed as a nutrient that we should all be paying attention to. This is because the average American
doesn’t come close to the 25‐30 grams per day that is recommended. Good sources of fiber include
vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, fruit, nuts and seeds. These foods are all listed as part of a
healthy eating pattern as outlined in the newly released Dietary Guidelines. Here are some ideas for
adding fiber rich foods into your daily meals and snacks.