Together we can engage clinicians and patients with support and information to improve patients health. Success with your patients requires adherence to medication and often difficult-to-make lifestyle changes. We can help.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Standard lipid panels only tell part of the story and often fail to capture a patient’s complete health risk. According to the American Heart Association, for many Americans, their first symptom of cardiovascular disease is a heart attack or sudden death.1 Boston Heart’s comprehensive test menu offers exclusive and state-of-the-art biomarkers to help individualize treatment beyond what is possible with the standard lipid panel. Boston Heart’s novel diagnostics drive laboratory reports with color coded test results, interpretations and clinical treatment considerations that help characterize risk, develop insight and communicate more reflective with patients.

A Breakthrough in Patient and Provider Communication

The Boston Heart Diagnostic Report is where your patient’s health story begins. This transformative report communicates test results into easy-to-understand actionable steps individualized to each patients to improve patient engagement, health literacy and adherence to treatment plans.

Tailored Lifestyle Management

The Boston Heart Lifestyle Program provides tailored Lifestyle management to improve your patients’ health for the long term. Boston Heart begins by using your patient’s test results, health history and food likes and dislikes, to create a tailored nutrition plan that is just for them.

Registered Dietitians put your patients plan into action. Boston Heart health coaches, all with additional education and specialties, guide your patients into setting incremental behavior goals that can lead to improved health outcomes.

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1. Go AS, Mozaff arian D, Roger VL, et al. Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics—2013 Update: A report from the American Heart Association. Circulation. 2013;127(1):143- 152.