What are Boston Heart clients saying about our world-class programs and services?

“Over the last decade, I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated BHDx and the commitment to improving cardiovascular health with the use of superior and proprietary lab testing. The brilliance of the team at BHDx has truly made my life easier as a practitioner to explain cardiovascular health to my patients.” – Gerard S. Issvoran, DO

“I recommend the lifestyle program that Boston Heart offers for all of my patients. To me it is about convenience and really catering to the patient and that’s what I feel the lifestyle program does. I cannot tell you how many patients I’ve had referred to me–they come in and say ‘I want to do that Boston Heart test.’” – Rhonda J. Marsh, RN, MSN, FNP-BC

“Boston Heart Diagnostics lab reports are the most useful tool we have in motivating patients to follow their personalized medical plan in lowering their risk of ASCVD. Every patient wants to get out of the red and into the green. The Cholesterol Balance Test often reveals solution to their lipoprotein problems.” – John Patrick Stein, MD

“Love boston heart! They offer labs that tell us a bigger picture of health than the standard basic labs. Their labs can tell us all about how the heart, brain, liver and hormones are all connected to each other. I have learned so much from boston heart and have recommended them for years!” – Jonathan Mendoza, DC, FNP-C, APRN

“Boston Heart Diagnostic Lab testing has improved the health of both myself and my patients. I have been doing deep dives into the cardiometabolic health of patients with personal or family history of heart disease for years. The results are given in a very clear manner which is extremely helpful in teaching my patients about how inflammation, glucose metabolism and of course lipids all contribute to cardiovascular health, and I can then suggest concrete ways to improve their health. As a physician, I highly recommend this company!” – Judith D. Jones, MD

“My patients identify with those red, yellow and green boxes, because getting out of that red zone and into the green is one sign their efforts at prevention are working!
With Boston Heart I get scientifically validated diagnostic tests performed in a lab committed to bringing the most advanced cardio-preventive tools available to the clinician and then teaching clinicians how to use them. That’s why I’ve been sending diagnostic tests to Boston since 2010.”– Tom Hight, MD

“I use Boston Heart for myself and my patients. Both myself and my patients find their testing and reports to be very helpful and cost effective. I have found their customer service department to be very helpful. Nadine has been terrific.”– James Mullane, ND

“Boston Heart has been so wonderful to me and all of my patients. They offer amazing heart health testing that has been amazing for me to better guide patient treatments. This lab is also more affordable with and without insurance, for patients. The staff has been nothing short of amazing each time I call with questions. They have a great round of professionals that helped me learn to interpret the cholesterol balance test and HOMA IR w Beta cell function test as I was starting out.”– Jeannett Martinez, APRN-CNP, BC-FNP