Going entirely plant-based or vegan for health is becoming more and more popular.  If you are looking into testing out a plant-based diet, think about giving it a try this March. Similar to Meatless Mondays, the Meatless March movement is taking off. The idea is that during the whole month of March, you shift temporarily to an entirely plant-based diet for 31 days.  That’s correct—no meat, poultry, lamb, game, eggs, fish, shellfish or dairy products of any kind.  This can be a challenge, but also a great learning experience.  You might even notice that you feel differently.  People who have switched to plant-based eating claim the following benefits: clothes fitting better, more energy, better sleep, fewer cravings, and feeling healthier. Those are all good reasons to make the No Meat March pledge today. Read on to find helpful resources for your meatless month.

Planning your meals will help you succeed.

Soon you will master the preparation of enough dishes to keep things interesting for the rest of the month.  There are numerous resources to help you plan for your meals.  One of my favorite online resources features a database of healthy delicious vegan recipes.

Stay strong and add meaning to your meatless month.

If you are a lover of ribeye steaks and lamb chops, check out this article for added inspiration, support and ideas. You may have been eating way too much protein.  By going meatless for the month, you can save money as well as reap several potential health benefits because you will now be eating more vegetables and fiber.

Look for additional support and inspiration.

Visit No Meat March for additional ideas, recipes, meal planning and a series of free webinars about how plant-based eating can help you live a healthier life. You will gain motivation and receive recipes every day for the month of March.

Try delicious new products.

Not sure how to substitute with meatless, plant-based alternatives?  You can check out this site for a handy list of substitutions. There are so many delicious dairy free milks, yogurts and cheese alternatives available today. Examples include almond milk, hemp seed milk, and cashew yogurt. 

Regardless of whether you decide to become a vegetarian after your meatless March, the experience of going without meat for a month will enlighten you to the benefits of eating more vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Learning to eat a diet rich in these plant foods with less meat may be just the thing to provide health and vitality for years to come!

In good health,