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Why didn’t my insurance pay my bill?
  • Charges which may not be paid by your insurance and may then become your responsibility include:
  • Deductibles.
  • Co-insurance and/or co-pays.
  • Benefit limitations, i.e. items or services not covered under your insurance plan.
  • Medicare program exclusions (see your Medicare handbook for a complete listing).
  • Check your explanation of benefits and/or contact your insurance company with your specific questions.
  • Insurance claims may also be denied because of missing or incorrect subscriber information on the claim. If you believe your claim was denied for this reason, please call us immediately. Have your explanation of benefits in hand when you call. We will update your account and/or re-bill your insurance.
What if I have more than one insurance plan?
  • Please provide your primary and secondary insurance information. If we have complete information, we can bill both insurances right away. This will make it easy for you to manage your bills.
Do I have a copay or coinsurance payment?
  • Check with your insurance carrier to see if you have a copay or coinsurance payment. A copay is a set fee established by your benefit contract that you pay at the time of service. If you do have a copay, please bring payment with you to your visit.
  • A coinsurance payment is the amount you must pay after your insurance has paid its portion. In many health plans, patients must pay for a portion of the allowed amount. For instance, if the plan pays 70% of the allowed amount, the patient pays the remaining 30%.
What is my deductible and how close am I to meeting it?
  • The deductible is the amount a patient pays before the insurance plan pays anything. Check with your insurance carrier to learn the amount of your deductible. In most cases, deductibles apply per person per calendar year. Check with your insurance carrier to learn how close you are toward meeting your yearly deductible.
When is payment due?
  • You are responsible for paying any amount due in full at the time you come in for healthcare services. We accept most private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and workers’ compensation, please check with your provider. We will bill your insurance company for all covered services you receive. You will receive a bill for services that your insurance has deemed your responsibility that are above and beyond payment made at time of service.
What are acceptable methods of payment?
  • Boston Heart accepts check, traveler’s check, money order, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for payment. When mailing please include coupon from your patient statement or write the account number on the memo line.

    Mail all check/ money order payments to:
    Boston Heart Diagnostics
    PO Box 2118
    Carol Stream, IL 60132-2118
I have insurance, what bills will I receive?
  • We will bill your insurance company first; your insurance company will pay according to your benefits. You may have a patient responsibility that includes non-covered charges, co-pays, deductibles, and coinsurance. Therefore, you will receive bills based on your benefits as determined by your insurance company.