Boston Heart Diagnostics’ Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of recognized experts in their respective medical fields.

Boston Heart Diagnostics’ Scientific Advisory Board includes:

Sam Tsimikas, MD, FACC, University of California, San Diego, specializing in Lp(a)

Dr. Tsimikas, a cardiologist, is an expert on Lipoprotein(a) (Lp(a)). Tsimikas is the lead author of the 2018 American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association position paper on the clinical utility of measuring Lp(a). Boston Heart offers the Lp(a) test as it is a predictor of heart disease risk and helps to explain heart disease in patients with “normal” blood cholesterol. Tsimikas’ expertise in this area will help to get Lp(a) accepted as a “standard of care” for lipid and heart disease risk testing.

Peter Reaven, MD, University of Arizona, specializing in Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Dr. Reaven is an international expert and researcher on insulin resistance and diabetes and has participated in many of the large diabetes treatment trials. The presence of insulin resistance can indicate a high risk of developing heart disease or type 2 diabetes. Dr. Reaven supports use of appropriate testing to help identify individuals who could be part of the large, insulin resistant patient population.

Michael Davidson, MD, FACC, University of Chicago, specializing in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Dr. Davidson, a cardiologist, is an expert in omega-3 fatty acid metabolism and clinical use. Dr. Davidson is the co-author of the National Lipid Association’s (NLA) position statements, co-author of the 2011 NLA Expert Lipid Consensus document, and is involved in large omega-3 clinical trials. Omega-3 fatty acids can decrease triglycerides and lower the risk for heart disease or stroke. The Boston Heart Fatty Acid BalanceTM Test measure all the major fatty acids, including omega-3s. His expertise will continue to support the clinical relevance for testing fatty acids.

Dennis Goodman, MD, FACC, New York University, specializing in Integrative Medicine

Dr. Goodman is a cardiologist and an expert in integrative medicine. Dr. Goodman supports advanced testing as he believes it can be useful in identifying patients who are most likely to benefit from integrative therapies such as the use of folate, vitamin D, magnesium, citrus bergamot and polyphenols. Dr. Goodman specializes in patients who are intolerant of statins and utilizes Boston Heart Testing to assist with the selection of natural alternatives. He provides support for the clinical utility of Boston Heart testing, and how it fits into the integrative medicine field.

H. Robert Superko, MD, FACC, FAHA, Cholesterol, Genetics, and Heart Disease Institute, specializing in LDL & HDL Subclass

Dr. Superko was the founder of Berkeley Heart Lab in 1996, and is an international expert on lipoprotein subfractionization. Dr. Superko has published numerous articles supporting the clinical utility of advanced lipid tests and how they can help characterize a patient’s disease risk and provide individualized treatments. His support of the clinical use of Boston Heart’s LDL and HDL subfraction testing will help healthcare providers understand the appropriate clinical use of advanced testing.