Today’s reality is that most of us are busy and on the go often. Between work, school, family activities and life in general, things can get overwhelming. This is where a crockpot (also called a slow cooker) can help ease meal planning and save you time and money. Typically using a crockpot involves quick prep followed by a slow cooking time. This can result in a simple, healthy, and delicious meal that’s waiting on you as soon as you walk in the door from your busy day. With a crockpot there is a wide variety of foods that you can prepare including soups, stews and casseroles.

8 Benefits of crockpot cooking

1. The Ingredients

Many of the ingredients required for crockpot meals are healthy alternatives and affordable. Beans, frozen vegetables, and less expensive cuts of meat are common ingredients.

2. Reduction in Fat and Calories

With a crockpot, no oil or frying is necessary and this reduces fat and calories.

3. Tender Meat

The longer, low temperature of the crock pot tenderizes a less expensive cut of meat and really brings out its flavor.

4. One-step Prep

One-step prep is much desired as well. Typically, all ingredients are added to the crockpot at one time. This saves prep time as well as significantly reduces clean up time. 

5. Large Quantities

Many recipes will make a large quantity of food and freezing leftovers will make easy lunches or dinners in the future. 

6. Flexibility

Crockpots offer flexibility as well. Depending on your day’s activities, you can start a meal in the morning or around noon and cook on high or low.

7. Energy Saving

Another advantage is less electricity is required with a crockpot as opposed to a standard oven.

8. Eliminate Temptation

Adding a crockpot meal to your weekly routine can help eliminate the temptation to order take out which is typically less nutritious and more expensive.

Looking for some recipes to get you started? Check out some of these great crockpot recipes developed by our team of Registered Dietitian Coaches.

Boston Heart Crockpot Recipes:

I hope that crockpot cooking is something that can help you juggle your busy schedule and your plan to have healthy home cooked meals. If it is, don’t forget there is an added benefit—-you will return home after a long day to the wonderful aroma of a fabulous home cooked meal that is ready to serve and enjoy.

In good health,