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Boston Heart Diagnostics is teaming up with GBinsight Genetics

Advancing Heart Health with Dual Diagnostics

Experience the combined  benefits of Boston Heart’s  biomarker analysis and GBinsight’s genetic testing to  promote full-spectrum heart health:

  • Identify the proximal cause of disease that informs precise treatment options.
  • Confirm genetic findings.
  • Monitor effectiveness of treatment.

Blood-based Biomarkers

Confirm genetic findings. Monitor treatment.

Complement your GBinsight genetic testing with Boston Heart Diagnostics’ sophisticated biomarker tests. Our blood-based analysis provides a current snapshot of your heart health, focusing on key biomarkers that are vital in confirming genetic predispositions and effectively monitoring the progress of your treatment plan, ensuring that your heart care is as dynamic and responsive as your body.

Please note: In order to set up a Boston Heart account, you will need to be an authorized ordering provider based on your state guidelines.

Genetic Testing for Heart Health

Unravel the root causes for informed treatment decisions.

Explore your genetic blueprint with GBinsight’s comprehensive genetic testing. Their advanced DNA analysis delves deep into your genetic makeup, uncovering predispositions to various heart conditions. This critical insight enables you and your healthcare provider to make informed decisions about your cardiac care, focusing on preventive strategies and precision treatment plans tailored to your unique genetic profile.

Where to Start


Boston Heart Diagnostic’s foundational CVMap provides more comprehensive insight into CVD risk by augmenting standard lipid assessment with advanced diagnostics.

The unique combination of biomarkers – lipids and Lp(a) levels, as well as lipid particle numbers; markers of inflammation; and BHD’s unique Cholesterol Balance reporting are informative and readily actionable.


The Boston Heart HDL Map® is the only test available that quantifies the amount of apoA-I in the five most significant subpopulations, resulting in a deeper understanding of a patient’s CVD risk.

This exclusive method provides an accurate and consistent indication of reverse cholesterol transport by separating the larger, cardioprotective particles most associated with decreased CVD risk from the smaller HDL particles associated with increased risk.

Healthcare providers can use this information to determine the most effective treatment strategy, as well as monitor response to therapy.


Boston Heart’s LipoMap provides the most complete commercially available map of lipoprotein particles for use in clinical practice.

It helps identify dysbetalipoproteinemia, familial combined hyperlipidemia, and certain genetic HDL-C deficiencies by measuring a broader array of lipoproteins such as IDL-C and particle number, VLDL-C and particle number, and the LDL-FC/LDL-C and HDL-FC/HDL-C ratios.

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Boston Heart Diagnostics is transforming the treatment of cardiovascular disease and related diseases with novel diagnostics, reports, and a personalized, scientifically designed nutrition and lifestyle program that have the power to change the way healthcare providers and patient communicate about heart health.

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